Join us every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 for bilingual worship.


A church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ. At Hope Alive Church we come together as a bilingual gathering of people to celebrate, sing, and be encouraged because of the change Jesus Christ has made in our lives. We study the Bible together in order to know God and grow in our relationship with Him. Church is a fun place where meaningful friendships exist. Only in Jesus Christ can you find true joy, encouraging community and lasting hope. That’s the church. Whether you are a Christian or not, you are welcome to join us any Sunday!

The Bible

These are God’s words to us. In it, He tells us who He is, who we are, and His plan for our lives. The Bible is our roadmap for life.


We genuinely confess our sins, accept God’s gift of forgiveness, and strive to follow God’s will more than our own.


We wholeheartedly put our trust in God through Jesus Christ alone. Jesus is our Savior from whom we receive life-changing peace and joy.


Prayer is talking to God about how great He is and how dependent we are. We confess our sins, express our thanks, and talk to Him about anything that’s on our mind, knowing that He hears us and cares for us.


We show genuine interest in others and help create a place for people to feel accepted, encouraged, and challenged in their growing relationship with God.

Our classes are offered on Sundays at 16:20 or one on one with a staff member!

Message Discussion

Have questions about something you heard during the message? 

Marriage Class

A healthy marriage is a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t happen naturally – it’s hard work!

Parenting Class

Being a parent is so hard sometimes!

1st Steps Class

First Steps introduces the foundational truths of Christianity as described in the Bible.

Next Steps Corner

Next Steps is a resource designed to help Christians grow in their Christian walk.